Boarding/Daycare Layout and Prices

Boarding and Daycare prices will vary depending on the size of the suite or condo space you choose plus the additional services selected at check-in. Please see the additional service pages for more information on all that we can provide while your pet vacations with us. For overnight guests normal checkout is anytime before 10:00am. Checkouts are possible anytime during normal hours but will incur an additional days charge. Please don't hesitate to call the number above with any questions.  

Building Layout

Click the image above to view a larger facility layout.

Base Pricing for Dogs

X-Large Suites - 6 (10' x 10' indoor/outdoor) $35.00 per day
Large Suites - 11 (4' x 10' indoor/outdoor)    $30.00 per day
Med-Large - 2 (4' x 5' indoor/outdoor)          $27.00 per day
Medium - 2 (4' x 10' indoor only)                 $25.00 per day
Raised Medium - 8 (4' x 8' indoor only)        $25.00 per day
Small - 5 (4' x 5' indoor only)                     $20.00 per day
*Each addtional dog in small suite              $15.00 per day

Base Pricing for Cats

Cat condos are approximately 30" by 30" units that can be combined to provide more space or multiple levels. This works well for a cat that prefers to climb or multiple cat households with cats that like to be together.

1st Cat $15.00 per day per unit
Additional cats in same condo $5.00 per day

Up to 4 cat condos can be combined, however, each cat must have at least one condo.